Finding the path home isn’t the same for everyone.

Transitioning from combat to civilian life can have its fair share of challenges, especially if a person suffers from PTSD or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). To help soldiers and their families get solid ground under their feet, the Boston Red Sox and Massachusetts General Hospital have teamed up to create the Home Base Program, an organization specifically outfitted to assist veterans with these neurological and psychological challenges. When looking to design a new headquarters, Home Base selected Marguiles Perruzzi Architects to guide this effort. In turn, MPA looked to Acentech to provide acoustics consulting for the project.

As an organization with a multi-faceted approach toward healing, Home Base needed a hub capable of serving different specialist teams. With a physical therapy suite, clinical exam rooms, a nutrition lab, and huddle rooms, this center needed thoughtful acoustical design measures to maintain harmony between these areas. Space planning and robust sound isolation standards ensured that each specialized area does not disrupt another within the relatively small 4,000 SF footprint. Excellent mechanical system design also improved privacy as well as the incidence of sudden, loud noises—a particular point of consideration while designing for people with PTSD and TBIs. With these measures in place, the headquarters for Home Base can serve veterans in an effective and respectful manner.

At Home Base, healing can come in many different forms. This new center will serve as a front door to new possibilities for veterans and their families for years to come.

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