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Acoustics is the key to success for many buildings and building spaces.

Acoustics is the key to success for many buildings and building spaces. Most of us have dined in a noisy restaurant unable to hear our friend sitting across the table, or tried to study in a library full of distracting noises. Workplaces today tend to be open and collaborative, but the noise level may inhibit productivity. Listen: Is your space acoustically successful?

  • Is music in your recital hall intimate and enveloping?
  • Can you hear your upstairs neighbor’s footsteps in your condo?
  • Can students in your classroom hear every word effortlessly?
  • Is noisy mechanical equipment a problem where you live, work, or learn?
  • Can you hear a low frequency rumble every time a subway train goes by?

Acentech works with architects, engineers, building owners, and users on a broad range of acoustics consulting and noise control projects, from the most straightforward soundproofing to the most complex challenges of noise reduction in buildings. We help create environments that function well and that users enjoy. Acentech’s acoustic engineers and consultants design spaces for good hearing conditions, noise control, and privacy. When needed, we use 3DListening® acoustics simulation technology to allow clients to “hear” their space before it is built. Our instrumentation lab is stocked with the most sophisticated acoustical measurement, monitoring, and analysis tools. We can measure just about anything!

Our acoustical work takes us everywhere. We consult on indoor and outdoor spaces. We work in dense urban environments where noise-sensitive neighbors may be right next door and on rural sites where the only ambient sound is the wind. Our consultants work on new building designs as well as existing buildings and renovations. Acentech’s body of work includes world-class performance spaces, workplaces where acoustical privacy is essential, labs with complex noise control requirements, and classrooms where speech intelligibility is paramount, to name just a few.

Our work in building acoustics and noise control falls into three broad categories:


Room shaping, finish materials, and furnishings influence how sound behaves within a space. To achieve the desired acoustics, how high should the ceiling be? What sound-absorbing materials are needed?


Walls, floor/ceiling assemblies, windows and doors, and other details control the transmission of sound between spaces within a building or to and from the building exterior. Acentech works with the design team to detail building assemblies that maintain appropriate acoustical separation, inside and out.


Background sound levels that are suitable to the use of the space, and design solutions that control noise and vibration from building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Do you want to hear the full range of musicians’ and actors’ performances? Do you want to understand every word your guest speaker or classroom teacher utters? Controlling mechanical noise is critical.

Reach out to learn more about our acoustics consulting and noise control consulting services.