In the time of open offices, co-working spaces, and hoteling, Analysis Group stands apart from the crowd. With a firm-wide standard of private offices, Analysis Group is one of the few companies that aim to give all employees private, independent workspaces. Their office in Montreal, Canada is no different. With the design led by CBT Architects, Acentech provided acoustics consulting for private offices, conference rooms, and informal meeting areas.

In collaboration with the design team, we defined acoustical criteria for all spaces, including closed-door offices, multipurpose rooms, open meeting areas, cafes, and various support spaces. The acoustical design is tailored to promote confidential speech privacy and sound isolation for closed-door spaces. To achieve this, we provided recommendations for perimeter and interior office partitions, demountable walls, room and door finishes, and electronic sound masking.

While Analysis Group’s office might have more private offices than most offices today, collaboration is still a primary focus. We worked to control reverberation in the available open plan layouts, to ensure minimal disturbances between adjacent spaces. Mechanical system noise and vibration control measures work to achieve quiet conditions in all spaces to minimize unnecessary distractions to the workday.

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