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Good listening conditions are vital to teaching and learning.

Studies show that background noise in school environments directly influences young learners’ engagement, development, and academic performance. Acentech’s depth and breadth of experience with public and independent K-12 education provides clients with the assurance of optimal acoustics and technology designs.

Our consultants listen carefully to the needs of each client to ensure that teaching and learning spaces fit the overall building program. We help clients understand the building’s acoustical and multimedia needs as early as the programming and feasibility study stage and continue to work closely with the design team throughout design and construction.

For architectural acoustics, Acentech provides recommendations for room volume and shaping, sound isolating construction, mechanical systems noise and vibration control, and room finishes. Our projects range from creating enveloping rooms to provide sound isolation for music performance spaces to designing crisp and articulate classrooms that optimize speech intelligibility.

State-of-the-art audiovisual and sound amplification systems have become essential in specialty spaces like auditoriums. Acentech works with the client and design team to determine the project’s technology requirements, and then designs AV systems that are cost effective, easy to maintain and operate, and can be adapted to grow with fast-paced developments in technology.

At Acentech, we understand that teaching styles evolve and learning environments change to reflect new trends in education pedagogy. Our consultants are active in educational organizations and professional associations to keep up to date on new academic trends.