Although it’s a globally-renowned investment firm with offices all over the world, Putnam Investments never forgets its roots.

When looking to find a new home for its headquarters, this firm knew it would stay right in the city where they started: Boston, Massachusetts. Designed by Gensler, this 248,000 SF hub of creative financiers occupies 11 floors in the iconic 100 Federal Street building with a prominent entry-level lobby. The project architect selected Acentech to provide acoustics consulting services for this expansive project.

Many things have changed since Putnam’s start in 1937—especially when it comes to office design. From breakout spaces to traditional conference rooms to casual lounge areas, this office has virtually every type of configuration to suit the needs of its staff. Acentech’s careful attention to detail guided designers on ideal solutions to sound isolation needs between closed spaces and reverberation control in the available open plan layouts. Mechanical system noise and vibration control measures also ensured minimal disturbances between adjacent spaces. Putnam’s impressive multi-level atrium required strategically-placed absorptive materials to minimize the frustrating effects of sound build-up. With its front door open to the bustling streets of Boston’s Financial District, sound isolation between the lobby and the outside world enables this office to welcome visitors without adding unnecessary distraction to the workday.

Acentech also provided guidance on the layout and sound isolation standards for Putnam’s in-house production studio. With these design considerations, videographers and editors will be able to create quality content for the firm’s public and internal needs.

Now with plenty of room to grow in this dynamic, yet productive, hub, Putnam’s decision to relocate its headquarters proved a sound investment for its bright future.

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