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Acentech works closely with our clients to create work environments that promote collaboration, communication and productivity.

We take an integrated consulting approach to corporate and commercial spaces, ensuring that telecommunications, security, audiovisual systems, and acoustics are all considered from the beginning of the project. Our consultants focus on understanding the unique needs of each client and the performance and budget requirements of each project. We pride ourselves on engaging clients in a thorough planning process, and we stay involved from the design phase through construction administration and onsite equipment testing.

Our corporate and commercial portfolio includes acoustics, telecommunications, security, and audiovisual system design for a variety of spaces including:

As workplace trends and demographics change, technology in the corporate environment is evolving as well. Acentech’s consultants stay abreast of these technology trends and work collaboratively to ensure that technology is appropriately designed and coordinated to the architectural and mechanical conditions of the workplace. For example, video image distribution methods have completely changed in the last few years with the emergence of ultra-high (4K) resolutions that require extremely high bandwidth networks and cabling for transport. Similarly, collaboration and teamwork have shifted the focus from workstations to huddle spaces with technology for shared work. The communication and videoconferencing experience in these spaces is much improved when room acoustics and lighting are suitably designed.

Acentech’s services for corporate and commercial projects include:


  • UHD presentation systems
  • Collaboration and conferencing systems
  • Digital signage and wayfinding
  • Large sound reinforcement systems


  • Structured cabling systems
  • Gigabit passive optical networks
  • Wi-Fi layout with propagation heat maps and calculations
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV and command centers
  • Duress systems
  • Asset tracking


  • Sound masking and noise mitigation
  • Sound isolation and acoustical privacy
  • Mechanical system noise and vibration control