As serious chronic diseases continue to impact lives across the globe, biopharmaceutical companies are often at a disadvantage. The incredibly complicated nature of these illnesses often means there is a long, winding, and expensive road to finding safe, accessible solutions while people continue to suffer. Within this difficult area of pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics is dedicated to filling the void in life-saving research by finding answers to dangerous chronic ailments such as Type 2 Diabetes and HIV. In need of new offices for its expanding workforce, Intarcia looked to ACTWO to design a facility that meets and anticipates their needs. Acentech was hired to provide acoustics consulting for this project.

As a company dedicated to finding treatment for complicated diseases, Intarcia truly understands the importance of collaboration and thinking outside the box. With conference rooms, breakout spaces, and an open plan work area, researchers and administrative staff alike can easily access and repurpose these spaces for their respective needs. Due to the sensitive nature of its work, Intarcia needed to place a specific emphasis on sound isolation between critical areas and more public gathering rooms. Acentech provided guidance during the CD phase, ultimately creating a space all can feel comfortable using. Striking a balance between the sleek aesthetic nature of the office with the need for a minimal amount of reverberation in conference rooms and breakout spaces was a particular challenge in this project. Vertically hanging decorative panels with acoustically absorptive properties ultimately served to enhance visual appeal of these important areas within Intarcia’s office. Quiet background noise levels were important for communication in the meeting areas, and Acentech provided guidance for reducing noise levels from the MEP systems serving the Intarcia spaces.

Providing simpler solutions to chronic problems is the ultimate goal of a biopharmaceutical firm, and it was Acentech’s pleasure to provide a similar service for the acoustics of this firm’s new office space.

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