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Our acousticians know how to create appropriate acoustical spaces in facilities with varying room sizes and types.

Every day, millions of people visit arenas, stadiums, civic centers, worship spaces, museums, libraries, and convention centers. The reasons for their visits vary from listening to a trio in an intimate hall to seeing and hearing the heart-stopping action at a monster truck pull. They visit arenas and stadiums to hear their favorite musical artist or take in a football game. They attend social and networking events at civic centers, and travel to convention centers for trade shows.

Visitors come to museums, libraries and houses of worship to learn more about the world they live in and engage with their community. These public assembly spaces compete for visitors in a local and global marketplace, knowing that the quality of the experience is paramount to the success of the organization. Keys to that success are good listening conditions and clear communications throughout these complex and multifaceted facilities.

Acentech’s integrated team of acoustics, mechanical system noise control, and systems design consultants works closely with the design team to assure that visitors to cultural and civic facilities can acoustically enjoy the event and clearly hear and view communication messages.

Our acousticians know how to create appropriate acoustical spaces in facilities with varying room sizes and types. We identify the acoustical requirements of a space and work with the design team to integrate room finishes and noise-mitigating constructions seamlessly into a building design. We also collaborate with a project’s mechanical engineer to reduce the noise from mechanical systems that otherwise degrade the intelligibility of speech and/or the beauty of the music.

Acentech’s systems designers understand the complex technologies used in these facilities to provide clear visual and audible communications. Working with our acoustics colleagues, we design systems for display, speech reinforcement, assistive-listening compliance (with the Americans with Disabilities Act), closed captioning, digital signage, and mass notification.

Acentech uses 3DListening® acoustic simulation technology to “hear” the acoustical character of a space before it is built. 3DListening allows the client and design team to: select and place particular loudspeakers and acoustic finishes; demonstrate the importance of reduced mechanical system noise; and predict the performance of audiovisual systems in the rooms they serve. Learn more about our 3DListening capabilities.