The new Billerica Memorial High School is an investment for the future. The new school was built for the diverse, forward-looking educational programs Billerica takes pride in. Doubling as a community center, the school can hold town-wide events in the gymnasium, auditorium, and cafeteria. With over 325,000 SF of new construction, Perkins + Will led the design team towards a finished product that highlights Billerica’s investment in education. Acentech provided acoustics and audiovisual consulting for the entire project.

Acentech’s acoustics consultants embraced Billerica’s vision of an innovative, healthy, and flexible facility for students to learn and grow. Spaces were designed to foster collaboration and communication while providing an optimal learning environment. The school’s strong performing arts program meant a strong focus on acoustics for the rehearsal and performing art spaces. Acoustics is also important beyond the specialty spaces, as substantial care was taken into consideration for the classrooms, STEAM spaces, and the dining common.

Our audiovisual consultants seamlessly integrated technology systems to further progress the collaborative design of the school. We designed the audiovisual systems serving the auditorium, black box theater, gymnasium and fitness rooms, cafeteria, and video production studio. Keeping in mind the strong music and theater community at the school, the auditorium sound system was designed to work with the acoustical finishes in the auditorium to provide a uniformity of coverage and proper speech intelligibility. In addition, the digital audio network provides a great deal of flexibility and room for expansion and growth. With an investment in the future, Billerica Memorial High School will serve the town and its people for years to come.

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