OSRAM is considered a world leader in the development and production of lamps and lighting systems across a wide spectrum of industries. When this company’s North American operation, OSRAM / Sylvania, Inc. needed to relocate its headquarters, they looked to Sasaki Associates to design a place as bright as its own future. Acentech was selected as the acoustics consultants for this project to ensure the facility was as comfortable, and as workable, as possible. Now, all under one roof, OSRAM / Sylvania has a home for their researchers to develop new technology, for their creative teams to dream, and for the entire company to grow as a whole—together.

Within this headquarters, the ideal modern office is on full display. From an expansive atrium with plenty of natural light to breakout rooms to floor-to-ceiling glass walls, virtually anyone can find something to love about this facility. But, with an open office floor plan, noise can travel quickly and become a distraction for nearby coworkers. Acentech provided recommendations for sound absorption, reverberation control, room finishes, and HVAC noise and vibration management. Since this headquarters also doubles as a research and development center, maintaining a sense of quiet throughout the building was also a priority. Acentech worked with each key member of the design team to provide the ideal working space for those continuing to power OSRAM / Sylvania into the 21st century.

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