It all started with a waffle iron.

More specifically, Nike started its empire by molding rubber soles for its sneakers with one. Many prototypes (and probably a few kitchen appliances) later, this company is now revered as one of the most iconic business to emerge from the 20th century. Now selling 120 million pairs of shoes a year and tens of billions of dollars to its name, Nike decided to reshape its position in the Eastern United States with a new headquarters in New York City. Known internally as NYHQ, this 147,000 SF space was crafted by STUDIOS Architecture. Designers looked to Acentech to provide acoustics consulting services for this daring office fit-out which combines collaboration, wellness, ingenuity, and craftsmanship into one central location.

Acentech’s team of acousticians provided guidance on how to best balance the many components of a modern office. The unique amenities within this space require specific considerations to ensure that bustling activity does not interfere with the need for privacy. With “freestyle” offices, wellness rooms, a library, two terraces, a fitness studio, and a basketball court, Nike’s new space looks to provide a holistic experience for employees. These dynamically different areas within the facility required an appropriate level of sound separation to foster connection among staff while controlling potential distraction.

One of the key areas of focus within this facility involved the above grade basketball court. With another tenant space below, particular attention was needed to ensure that the basketball court did not interfere with this neighbor, or with other Nike spaces above. Upper floors of the same building are residential units, which required appropriate noise control for Nike mechanical equipment.

This all-in-one Eastern US headquarters allows Nike to provide its employees with a unique, holistic place to call their own.

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