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Understanding the physics of sound and the conditions that can occur and lead to dispute requires critical knowledge to assess the root cause and facilitate remediation.

The matters of sound and vibration can be simple, but they can become complicated quickly when identifying the contributing source and cause. Sound and vibration have a direct intersection with our day-to-day life and when something goes wrong, it can result in a disagreement between parties and result in facility and/or human damage. When such occur, answers are needed with a path forward to resolution.

Acentech’s vibration and noise control consultants bring expertise and quantitative tools to analyze, explain, and opine on the science of sound and vibration.

We have helped clients with issues relating to:

  • Acoustical assessments, including analysis of recordings, hearing damage potential in industrial and music venues, audibility of warning sounds, intelligibility of announcements, acoustical privacy, noise control of mechanical equipment, and patent infringement.
  • Environmental noise, from such sources as electric generation stations, gas compressors and pumping stations, rail lines and highways, auto race tracks, shooting ranges, and performance and music venues.
  • Vibration and structural dynamicsincluding issues related to rail and rapid transit systems, facilities housing sensitive equipment, structural damage from vibration and intense sound, equipment malfunction, hand injury from power tools, and patent infringement.

Our consultants are ready to assist attorneys, developers, facility owners, municipalities, and manufacturers in early-stage guidance or to generate expert reports to assess acoustic, noise, or vibration problems. They use specialized instrumentation, analysis methods, and simulation technology to investigate and provide likely hypotheses and solutions that can be objectively communicated to the client. 

Our services include:

  • Site assessments
  • Forensic investigations
  • Compliance measurements
  • Predictive modeling / analyses of noise control technologies
  • Remediation strategies / documentation
  • Expert testimony
  • Litigation support