The new healthcare campus for the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Authority (UWHCA) on the east side of Madison, WI, represents both integration with and innovative expansion from the existing facilities and services of the UWHCA system.  The new campus is a means to serve the continued growth and expansion of services experienced by UWHCA. The facility, built on a 42-acre site at the University of Wisconsin, includes acute care, outpatient services, rehabilitation therapies, and sports performance, wellness, and fitness services. Acentech was hired to provide seamless, clear, and comprehensive  acoustics and vibration consulting services in an integrated team approach to the project.

Acentech’s acoustics work began early in the design process. A nearby airport, used for military aircraft, required an ambient noise study to determine the level of mitigation that would be required. In addition, we provided advice on sound isolation between occupied spaces to achieve appropriate levels of acoustical privacy, including guidance on room finishes, acoustical treatment, and background noise. We also reviewed the design of the mechanical systems, and made recommendations to meet noise and vibration goals.

Acentech’s vibration consultants worked with UWHCA and the design team to determine the vibration limits of sensitive equipment, including MRIs and other scanning equipment, and designed the isolation systems needed to protect them from excessive vibrations. We also calculated vibration limits for all occupied spaces, depending on their usages, including operating rooms, procedure rooms, patient rooms, and MRI and other scanner suites.

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