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Our consultants ask the right questions to plan network infrastructure for now and for the future.

Understanding how networks, data centers and telecommunications systems are constantly evolving, Acentech provides the latest insight, and asks the right questions to plan and design solutions for high-performing network infrastructure that accommodates our clients’ needs now and into the future.

Telecommunications Planning and Design

Acentech’s Telecommunications design team includes Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) who are experienced in providing detailed, TIA/EIA standards-compliant systems that are designed and coordinated into the project bid documents. On a typical project, the project may need wired network cabling for traditional computers and VOIP phones as well as analog circuits, and cabling for wireless (WiFi) access points. And while being mindful of our beloved planet’s limited resources, more buildings are energy efficient High Performance Buildings and Intelligent Building Technologies. HVAC and electrical systems have become metered, spot on energy on demand distribution systems. We now find data can be required for building management systems (BMS), energy management systems (EMS), Power Over Ethernet (PoE) lighting systems, Security Systems and Emergency Communication Systems.

The audiovisual world is experiencing a generational shift. While more audiovisual control systems have become network-based, 4K video displays are now making their way into boardrooms and classrooms. To support these advanced 4K systems, our telecommunications consultants collaborate with architects to design 10Gb structured cabling solutions and infrastructure for a variety of clients.

Wired and Wireless Networks

Today’s digital information is growing exponentially every day, with wireless networks as the primary access to a network. Our telecommunications consultants are trained on AirMagnet software and certified AirMagnet Site Survey Professionals with expertise to design access point layouts for a wireless network before a building is built, enabling us to work collaboratively with the client and architect during the design phase and fine-tune the design before the final installation is commissioned.