Continuum LLC is a globally recognized design consultancy firm that assists with the creations of countless products and services. From wireless insulin pumps to bike share programs, this company has influenced the everyday routines of millions. Continuum recently moved its headquarters back to Boston, its original birthplace in 1983. Acentech provided acoustics, AV, and telecommunications services for this project, ensuring that this company’s offices are as cutting edge as the ideas they put into motion.

Throughout each completed stage of this office fit-out, our consultants looked to ensure Continuum’s technological amenities were seamlessly integrated into each assigned space. Live streaming, digital video archival, large screen displays, speech reinforcement, audio playback, ADA-compliant assistive listening, system controls, and digital signage are all components of this innovation hub. As an award-winning consulting firm, Continuum is known for bringing dreams to life. A substantial aspect of this reputation stems from being an easily accessible, collaborative workforce. Our telecommunications consultants provided a premium 10G structured cabling system designed for the intense amounts of bandwidth on their corporate network, their WiFi network, and to support the streaming digital video. The structured cabling system is also very flexible. It expands to support Continuum’s audiovisual presentation systems when needed. Integrating these technologies into conference rooms, project suites, breakout rooms, public spaces, and even the lobby will keep this firm’s staff fully connected to the needs of not only their peers but also their clients.

Yet, with all of this conversation going on in open spaces, visitors and employees of Continuum will somehow need speech privacy and some level of sound isolation from noisy equipment. Acentech’s acoustics consultants provided guidance on how to keep these open, collaborative spaces free from distractions. Proper room finishes, sound absorptive features, desk configurations, and mechanical system noise control all contribute to the workability of these large areas. The noisy CNC shop spaces are separated from the sensitive photo/video production studio and the open work areas. With Acentech’s help, Continuum’s staff can be productive and connected – all under one roof.

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