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AudiovisualAudiovisual Systems

Audiovisual System and multimedia technology is critical for effective communication to allow seamless interactions and collaboration.

With the dramatic need of sophisticated and intuitive communication systems, Acentech is an ideal partner to aid in the conceptualization and design of these technology-rich environments. Our consultants utilize current engineering and project management tools to educate and guide design teams and project stakeholders through the project process, to anticipate hurdles and create fluid designs to user’s present and future visually networked infrastructures.


Acentech’s Technology Consulting services involve:

  • Master planning – developing long term technology solutions
  • Technology needs assessment
  • Budget creation and verification
  • Production of design documents including drawings and specifications for competitive bidding
  • Construction supervision and inspection
  • On-site commissioning to calibrate finished systems

Our technology consultants utilize a dynamic project management approach, which allows them to flexibly and clearly communicate concepts and integration ideas to advise the design team and client decision-making. They use an array of tools available to assist in design development, such as; predictive computer models to simulate the acoustics of a space, selection and placement of loudspeakers and equipment, and testing system performance, as well as Revit renderings, product demonstrations, and on-site tours of completed projects to demonstrate implementation.

Technology may change during the course of a project, often impacting the architecture, infrastructure, and construction cost. To keep up with this rapidly changing business, our consultants are actively engaged in the industry, from serving on manufacturer advisory committees to help develop new products, receiving product training, and evaluating products in our own test laboratory. Using the gained knowledge from industry involvement and product performance testing, our consultants are able to identify emerging trends in audiovisual systems that will impact clients’ present and future needs.

Audiovisual Systems Planning and Design

Audiovisual systems for presentation, conferencing, speech reinforcement, and sound playback, among many others, provide the framework for impactful demonstration and collaboration in our modern world. Acentech offers audiovisual consulting services to evaluate, plan, and design systems to meet each client’s technology and collaboration strategy. Our goal is to make these environments a reality with systems that are easy to use, provide high-quality images, intelligible sound, and complement the architecture of a space.