Acentech worked with Charles Rose Architects to design a production studio suite for athenahealth’s new Watertown, MA, campus. The studio is used to produce training and promotional contect. Located in Watertown’s Arsenal on the Charles district, the studio occupies a sunlit corner of a former armaments manufacturing building. The double height space makes use of many attractive existing features, including exposed brick, steel trusswork, and large windows.  Acentech was asked to design the audiovisual systems for the studio, and to provide advice on architectural acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical system noise and vibration control.

Acentech designed the audiovisual systems for the entire production suite, including the main studio, a control room, and an audio recording room. The technology design provided support for the installation of new equipment, and allowed for the future addition of production equipment to meet the future needs of athenahealth. Acentech’s AV consultants made recommendations for high definition video cameras, a special effects generator, teleprompter, character/graphic generator, video monitors, audio mixer, intercom system, and audio recording system.

Acentech’s acoustical design uses a spray-applied sound-absorbing material at the underside of the roof deck and sound-absorbing wall panels to provide a controlled acoustical environment for recording speech and other sound content. Very quiet HVAC and new sound-isolating windows provide a recording environment free of disturbing background noise. A carefully conceived circulation plan, including vestibules and acoustically-rated doors, ensures that activities in adjacent lounge and reception spaces do not disturb the studio. Adjacent control and voiceover rooms provide functionality and flexibility.

Athenahealth’s new full-sized studio is mainly used for internal training, communications, and promotional recordings.

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