France-based software developer Dassault Systemes has centralized its North American workforce in a sleek new headquarters designed by Elkus / Manfredi Architects.  Acentech advised on the type, coverage, and zoning of the electronic sound masking system serving the entire building. Services in sound isolation, room acoustics, and mechanical system noise control aimed to complement Dassault’s innovative contributions to the software industry.

Acentech’s well-rounded team of acoustics consultants understand the challenges of fostering productive work environments for state-of-the-art office spaces. As a leader in software research and development, Dassault Systemes needed a space reflecting the needs of a company looking toward the next cutting-edge breakthroughs in CAD and PLM software. Their 215,000 SF North American hub includes a virtual reality room, an audiovisual recording studio, a fitness center, and a training facility with operable partitions. Acentech made sure each space—whether it was a glass-enclosed conference room or a zone dedicated to aerospace engineering software—had minimal sound disturbances and an acoustical experience that promoted productivity.

The project achieved LEED Gold certification. It also received the 2012 Best New Workplace Award from CoreNet Global New England as well as the 2012 Best Green Practices Award from Boston Business Journal Design.

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