With an ever-growing student body and not enough residence halls, Villanova University set out to keep its community together. Built to promote the university’s tradition of living in community, the Villanova Commons is comprised of six residence buildings, two fitness centers, common areas, and a variety of other amenity spaces. Voith and Mactavish Architects led the transformation of the large parking lot into a gathering place for the entire Villanova community. Acentech provided acoustics consulting services for this transformative project.

Villanova University strives to be respectful neighbors to the community of Radnor Township. Acentech performed noise measurements near the most critical receiving residential property line, gathering data to design noise control measures. The measures put into place, help ensure the university continues to be a respectful neighbor while it simultaneously continues to grow.

The Commons is an entire living ecosystem with places to rest, workout, eat, socialize, and learn. Acentech’s architectural acoustics team provided guidance on the development of the entire complex. Proper sound isolation and space planning for the residential spaces were key to ensure students could rest at the end of the day. Reverberation control to mitigate the inevitable sound build-up of chatting students in dining areas, fitness centers, and common areas allow these dynamic spaces to remain usable while occupied.

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