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Higher education is experiencing a significant shift in teaching and learning, with technology playing a larger role in the lecture hall and beyond.

Significant shifts in teaching and learning at academic institutions demand technology to play a larger role in the lecture hall and beyond. Instructors are embracing a more interactive and collaborative learning environment.

Acentech’s technology group is a vanguard of this evolution, defining the application of new technologies in education. Our AV consultants design systems that enable educators to capture lessons, in both the classroom and the studio. This technology brings educators and students together across time, distance, and subject matter integration. Our designs promote the sharing and collaboration of ideas in active learning classrooms and lecture halls, and enhance learning that happens outside of the classroom — in libraries, huddle rooms, and other spaces.

Acentech’s acoustics and vibration control consultants collaborate with architects to create or improve the physical spaces where higher education learning occurs. Our scope ranges from recommending room finishes and construction methods that control reverberation, to developing 3D acoustical models that can accurately capture the final design. We provide expertise in pre-construction noise and vibration measurement to assist with site selection, and real-time remote monitoring of construction noise and vibration, which can be invaluable during the design and construction phases of sensitive campus facilities.

Acentech understands that learning and innovation can happen in a traditional lecture hall, around a seminar table, or across the city, state, country, or world. The use of technology in a properly designed and acoustically appropriate physical space can assist and enhance educational experiences and make them available to an even greater and more diverse set of participants.