The face of senior care will change dramatically as people continue to live healthier, longer lives compared to previous generations, In a proactive effort, the retirement community of Kendal on Hudson launched “Project ReNew,” which looks to update its facilities to promote healthier, more engaging lifestyles. With designers at DiMella Shaffer, this institution has a facility which celebrates the independence of residents while maintaining safety and wellness standards. Acentech was selected by the architect to provide comprehensive acoustics, audiovisual, and telecommunications consulting for the project.

The main focus of Project ReNew involved significant renovations to the Health Center, a centralized building of living spaces, memory care, dining, and health facilities. Providing an exceptional standard of living differs from demographic to demographic. For younger people, plenty of nightlife can be a priority; for families, a great school system could be important. Senior care, although it also involves social time and fresh air, requires unique forms of safety, exercise, and wellness, too. In particular, the acoustic environment for quality senior spaces demands unique treatments and space design to assist those with age-related hearing difficulties, of primary importance being sure that occupied spaces are well-controlled for reverberation and do not have overly loud mechanical systems. Acentech’s team of acousticians worked with designers to form spaces friendly for senior ears. Ultimately, creating environments with proper acoustical conditions and mechanical system noise and vibration control have a positive effect on residents’ ability to socialize, rest, and even exercise.

Telecommunications and audiovisual system design also demand a unique understanding of the needs of senior care residents and staff. Developing well-integrated, user-friendly nurse call systems, patient wandering systems, and electronic security systems all are all key to ensuring the safety and comfort for all members of  the Kendal on Hudson Community. Public gathering spaces within this facility required ADA-compliant assistive listening capabilities, speech reinforcement considerations, and video display design to keep residents connected and engaged.

Kendal on Hudson’s dining areas, assisted living units, and memory care ward all benefit from the positive environment created from better acoustics. In turn, its residents live in a healthier, more welcoming space.

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