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Security and Telecom IconPhysical Security Systems

Ensuring the safety and security of critical assets, property and building occupants.

Physical security is a critical component of a building’s design. Acentech offers an innovative approach to keeping building occupants, property and assets safe and secure. As trusted technology advisors, we first meet with key stakeholders to understand their organizational needs, in order to provide in-depth analysis and education in protecting what matters most.

Acentech’s Technology Consulting practice provides a hands-on design approach to security systems consulting. Our industry experts consult on various solutions to deter, detect, delay and defend against any potential threats that have been identified and/or anticipated. Operational and physical security technologies are then integrated into designs that meet the end-users’ needs. This also includes implementing the latest CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) techniques within the facility design to ensure the safest environment possible.

Physical Security System Consulting & Design Services

  • Physical security assessments
  • Physical security systems design
  • Master planning
  • Advisory services to educate clients on the latest technology and best practices
  • Act as owner’s technology project manager/representative
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments (TVRA)

Physical Security Technologies

  • Security management systems/access controls
  • Touchless access control technologies
  • Visitor/vendor management
  • Intelligent credentialing and locking systems
  • Parking/assist controls
  • Video management systems/IP video and video analytics
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • Critical communications system
  • Multi-unit residential communication systems
  • Mass Notification, Duress and Shooter Detection systems
  • RFID asset tracking systems
  • Infant monitoring solutions
  • Weapons and drone detection
  • Physical security information management
  • AI-based security systems
  • Intelligent building systems and integration