Autodesk is an industry leader with over 100 million people using their software every day to turn ideas into realities. When Autodesk Boston was looking to turn their old space into a new reality, they called upon the design firm, Utile to make it happen. Acentech provided acoustics consulting services and a 3DListening® model for the new workspace in the Innovation & Design Building in South Boston.

The multi-story office features meeting rooms, studios, employee workstations, VR Labs, private offices, and other support space. In addition, there is a catering kitchen and also a custom-designed and built espresso bar. Acentech recommended room acoustics treatments for the various spaces to control reverberation, to control activity sound, and to create favorable listening conditions for each space. We incorporated unique and sustainable sound absorptive materials in our design, including, felt wall panels and ceiling baffles, cementitious wood fiber panels, and a foamed aluminum ceiling system.

Acentech developed 3DL demonstrations to study both the impact of workshop equipment noise being transmitted through the central glass staircase to the conference rooms and the speech intelligibility in a round “Kiva” informal meeting space. This predictive listening model allowed designers and end-users to hear how different acoustic treatments could positively impact the work experience in both spaces. Our work allows employees to remain focused and productive on the tasks at hand ensuring that Autodesk will continue to help millions of people turn ideas into realities.

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