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Acentech brings extensive experience working directly with energy companies, design engineers, and distributors on a wide range of facilities.

Utility suppliers are transforming the energy distribution system to meet the needs of the future. Addressing the needs of the communities they serve includes managing the noise and vibration generated by the energy grid. Acentech’s expert noise and vibration engineers bring a streamlined approach to evaluate, measure, and mitigate noise in the design and construction of energy-generating and transmission facilities. Our technical expertise allows for the determination of potential impacts, and recommendations for mitigation on a proactive, cost-effective basis. Our solutions address regulatory requirements and stakeholder needs, and can greatly reduce the impact of unwanted noise on effected communities.


  • Traditional Coal and Gas-Fired Electrical Plants
  • Solar Energy Facilities
  • Wind Energy Facilities
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Facilities
  • Electrical Transformer Facilities
  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Nuclear Power Facilities


Examples of our services for the Energy sector include:

  • Noise measurements, modeling, and data analysis
  • Federal, municipal, and state regulatory compliance
  • Design, specification, and evaluation of noise treatments
  • Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analysis
  • Environmental Impact Reports, Statements, and Assessments (EIR, EIS, EA)
  • Expert testimony
  • Public engagement
  • Construction noise modeling and monitoring
  • Modeling of nuclear warning signals