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Adapting and transforming the energy distribution system to meet the future grid must seamlessly integrate into the built environment. Acentech’s noise and vibration experts can assist energy suppliers and developers to address regulatory compliance and potential community impacts.

Acentech provides world class expertise in the evaluation, measurement, and mitigation of noise and vibration in the siting, permitting, design, and construction of energy-generating and transmission facilities. Our wealth of experience allows for the determination of potential impacts, and recommendations for mitigation on a proactive, cost-effective basis. Our solutions address regulatory requirements and stakeholder needs and can greatly reduce the impact of unwanted noise on affected communities.


  • Solar Energy Facilities
  • Wind Energy Facilities
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Facilities
  • Electrical Transformer (Substation) Facilities
  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Nuclear Power Facilities
  • Traditional Coal and Gas-Fired Electrical Plants


Environmental Noise

  • Noise measurements, modeling, and data analysis
  • Federal, state, and municipal regulatory compliance
  • Design, specification, and evaluation of noise treatments
  • Environmental Impact Reports, statements and assessments
  • Construction noise modeling and remote monitoring
  • Litigation support / Expert testimony
  • Public engagement

Environmental Vibration

  • Vibration measurements, modeling and data analysis
  • Design, specification, and evaluation of vibration mitigation strategies

Equipment (Product) Noise/Vibration

  • Source sound level measurement and quantification
  • Equipment noise & vibration control
  • Equipment redesign for noise reduction