As a pharmaceutical industry leader, Pfizer looks to provide its employees with the best possible work experiences. That’s why when their Groton, CT location needed upgrades, they prioritized AV and architectural acoustics to make the location as productive as possible. Together with TLB Architecture, Acentech provided audiovisual and acoustics consulting services for the new auditorium, conference center, and café at this location.

Although they appear very different to the naked eye, each of these spaces looks to serve an essential, similar purpose: the promotion of staff collaboration. Presenting in an auditorium, meeting clients at a conference center, or grabbing a bite to eat at a café within a working environment encourages the exchange of information between people. And, communication is impossible if an area is too noisy to get one’s point across. Acentech worked with the architect to provide appropriate sound isolation measures, as well as mechanical system noise and vibration control, to mold these areas into ideal gathering locations.

User-friendly, cutting edge technology boasting large screen displays, ADA-compliant assistive listening devices, playback audio, and video conferencing is essential to forge connections with others — whether they are 2 feet away or on the other side of the globe. Acentech established the design criteria for these items required within the 21st century business world. Each phase of this project, from its infancy design stages to its construction to its final programming sessions, was overseen by our AV consultants. Pfizer has been a pioneer in the American pharmaceutical industry since 1849, and Acentech was proud to assist in maintaining their reputation as a cutting-edge, world-class company.

“…The design of our new conference space of which the auditorium is a standout feature, has allowed our site to recapture some of its former feeling as a learning environment. As a facility Lead, this space has greatly assisted me in fostering a vibrant and thriving scientific culture here in Groton.” -Michael Lallier, Director, Global Operations Groton Site Lead, Pfizer

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