TripAdvisor is the world largest travel site and its new 282,000 SF headquarters building provides space for 1,500 employees. Acentech assisted Baker Design Group with the acoustical design of the office fit-out, with a primary focus on the forum, open and closed offices, and various conference and meeting rooms.

Acentech worked with the client and the architect to establish suitable goals for sound isolation, background noise, and room acoustics for the presentation settings. TripAdvisor emphasized their need for suitable speech privacy within all offices, speech intelligibility for presentations in the forum and teleconferencing rooms, as well as sound isolation from the nearby highway, and mechanical systems noise control. The forum is a four-story atrium which will be used for casual gatherings, dining, and amplified and recorded presentations. The proposed mixed-use of the space required extensive acoustical analysis and computer modeling.

Acentech created 3DListening simulations, or auralizations, allowing the client and architect to listen to the forum space with different finishes for reverberation control, window treatments for highway sound isolation, and background noise levels. To convey conditions as close to reality as possible, the simulations were populated with differently sized groups of people spread throughout the building. Acentech’s 3DL experience helped the team to make an informed decision about how to best reach the project goal of achieving excellent acoustics.

Acentech is proud to contribute to TripAdvisor’s state-of-the-art campus as the company continues to grow globally.

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