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Jonah Sacks

Director, Architectural Acoustics Group
Studio A | Market Co-Leader

Jonah Sacks, Director, Architectural Acoustics at Acentech
“Through music, and particularly music recording, I became interested in room acoustics and decided to go to graduate school for acoustics. As a musician, I care deeply about the intersection of music and acoustics. When I get the chance to connect with musicians and actors who enjoy and appreciate playing in rooms that sound really good, I get excited about the long and sometimes tangled paths that lead to really fine sounding rooms.”

A lifelong musician who has performed in many concerts as a cellist, guitarist, and bassist, Jonah Sacks brings his passion for music to his acoustical consulting role and practice leadership as Director of Acentech’s Architectural Acoustics Group. He is responsible for client management, programming, design strategy, and quality assurance of a broad range of architectural acoustics and mechanical systems noise control projects. He collaborates with Acentech’s acoustic and AV consultants, and MEP discipline engineers, to ensure best design practices are incorporated to meet performance expectations. Many of his acoustical designs involve various acoustical measurements, and the creation of auralizations and 3DListening computer models to evaluate acoustically critical spaces. His portfolio includes conservatories, academic institutions, K-12 education, public gathering venues, laboratories, commercial offices, and residential developments. Jonah serves as Acentech’s 3DListening® Services Leader, responsible for marketing strategy, client development and industry thought leadership.

Music to His Ears

Retired colleague Rein Pirn is one of my major heroes because he brought his music and architecture background together to design some acoustically great rooms. Lately, I am playing more and more music, mainly cello, in more and more projects: with rockers, experimenters, folkies, traditionalists. My music and consulting work at Acentech feed each other. One pet peeve of note: improperly brewed coffee.


  • Acoustical Society of America, Associate Member
  • International Society for the Performing Arts, Member
  • Frequent Lecturer at the Acoustical Society of America, European Acoustics Association, The International Symposium on Room Acoustics, and Inter-Noise
  • Rhode Island School of Design, Adjunct Faculty, Architectural Acoustics
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Master of Science in Architectural Sciences, 2004
  • Harvard University, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, 1995