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Joseph Horesco

INCE Bd. Cert.


Joe Horesco Headshot
“As soon as I think I have seen it all, a new project with an interesting angle or challenging problem comes into Acentech. I really enjoy the variety of projects we work on and the possibility of working on things still yet unknown.”

Joe Horesco has 17 years of consulting experience in the areas of architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, vibration surveying, and mechanical systems noise and vibration control. He has managed all phases of project design from sound and vibration site surveys, feasibility studies, programming, design, and specifications development to construction inspection and post-construction conformance testing.

His portfolio includes a broad range of project types, including the acoustical design of critical spaces in new and existing performing arts centers, worship spaces, large atriums, lecture halls, conference rooms, classrooms, and recording studios; speech privacy in offices; airborne and impact sound isolation for residences; noise and vibration control of mechanical equipment, environmental noise code compliance studies; and employee noise exposure measurements and mitigation plans.

Game On!

My favorite sport is soccer. Despite my advancing age and waistline, I’m still an active player and enjoy attending professional games with my kids or watching them on TV. We especially enjoy the international games. I even managed to make it the 2006 World Cup in Germany to watch the U.S. play in a first round game.


  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA), Board Certified Member
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering, (INCE-USA), Member
  • Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Member
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Member
  • Trained on National Highway Institute – Highway Traffic Noise program and the Community Noise
  • Enforcement certification course by Rutgers University Noise Technical Assistance Program
  • University of Hartford, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Acoustics, 1999