MIT.nano is a state of the art facility designed to support the next generation of nano-technology research at MIT, one of the world’s leading institutions in science and mathematics. Acentech teamed with architect Wilson HGA to provide noise and vibration consulting services throughout the design process.

During pre-design, Acentech performed a number of site measurements around the MIT campus to help the school select the ideal location for this facility. Once the site was selected, additional measurements were conducted to determine what levels of vibration could be expected in the completed building.

Now complete, this building houses a variety of vibration sensitive spaces, including specialized labs and two cleanrooms. Specifically, the basement holds eight, sensitive imaging suites that have been specifically designed to provide a research environment with very low levels of acoustic noise and vibration. Acentech worked with MIT and the designers to provide the necessary supplemental vibration and acoustic isolation to meet the design goals. Acentech also provided mechanical systems noise and vibration control services to ensure that the vibration and noise generated by building systems would be consistent with the building’s design goals.

One unique aspect of MIT.nano is the use of live telemetry systems to continually monitor vibration in sensitive areas. MIT.nano is a low vibration facility and MIT intends to use these systems to keep it that way. Acentech is pleased to be involved with MIT to provide these monitoring systems and to help design alert protocols to enable the building operators to “keep tabs” on the building’s low vibration environment throughout its lifetime. This focus on actively maintaining the vibration standards of this facility will keep it viable as a platform for world-class research for decades to come.

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