The University of Maryland A. James Clark Hall was built to promote innovation, creativity, and the next generation of life-changing engineers. The interdisciplinary hub brings engineering and technology students together under one roof to focus on bioengineering and biomedical device development. Ballinger designed the 184,000 SF highly-adaptable center with Acentech providing acoustics, noise & vibration, and audiovisual consulting.

Acentech provided architectural acoustics and mechanical system noise and vibration control advice for the project. The building features a loft-like research space filled with flexible wet/dry labs and open workspaces. Acentech’s acoustical consultants worked with Ballinger to help develop adaptable spaces for changing research types and diverse research styles. Acentech’s consultants also provided noise and vibration consulting to protect the sensitive research areas without having to sacrifice the multi-functional, open-space, collaboration areas.

Acentech also provided audiovisual consulting services for the highly-adaptable center. The building contains teaching laboratories, active learning classrooms, prototyping suites, a multi-use space, and a two-story Innovation Lab. Our consultants designed the audiovisual systems related to these spaces ensuring students and staff are able to properly use the technology to enhance their learning, research, and collaboration. All of our consultants worked to ensure the A. James Clark Hall will lead to innovation and progress for years to come.

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