At the heart of Eastern Connecticut State University’s campus stand the interconnected Goddard Hall and Communications buildings. The 1960s and 1970s buildings were in need of a comprehensive renovation in order to meet the needs of the Communications, Physical Education, and Psychology Departments. Acentech provided acoustics and audiovisual consulting services for the renovation of both buildings led by Miller Dyer Spears.

The buildings feature academic spaces, high tech media studios, student lounge areas, and academic offices. Acentech’s acoustical consultants worked with Miller Dyer Spears on the interior finishes of the spaces to promote good conditions for speech communication. Special architectural details were specified for isolating the TV studios and Radio studios. Sound isolation measures were also taken to control sound transmission between spaces inside the building, to ensure appropriate privacy in closed offices, and prevent disturbance by sound from open areas to the enclosed spaces.

Our audiovisual consultants designed each classroom with one or two motorized projection screens, ceiling-mounted projectors, wall-mounted loudspeakers, a wireless microphone system, and an Assistive Listening System. The audiovisual systems in each of the conference rooms support local presentations via wall-mounted large format LCD displays. Our consultants paid special attention to two particular spaces within Goddard Hall, the Psychology Department Subject and Observation Rooms and the KPE Human Performance Lab. The Subject Room is equipped with a PTZ Camera, a microphone mounted in the ceiling, and an intercom system to communicate with the Observation Room. The KPE Human Performance Lab is an interactive space that consists of two ceiling-mounted projectors that project a single image onto the front wall. There are two cameras that are used to capture the motion of the participants to interact with the gaming software. Four wall-mounted loudspeakers support the gaming system. Acentech also provided a new design of the University’s Student Operated Radio Station WECS-FM in the Communications Building.

The work of our acoustics and audiovisual consultants also ensures Eastern Connecticut State University’s Goddard Hall and Communications buildings will meet or exceed Connecticut’s High-Performance Building Standards.

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