This large Financial Service prides itself on continuously evolving to better serve its client’s needs and stay ahead of the curve. Nine years after a Jacksonville call center opened, the company knew they needed to hire more employees in order to meet their client’s demands and more employees required more space. Sasaki Associates, Inc. led the design for the two-story, 52,000 SF call center. Acentech provided acoustics consulting and a 3DListening® model for the project.

The two-story office features a large-scale open office layout with a few closed-door conference and meeting rooms. In addition, there are kitchen and café areas as well as a large staircase that doubles as amphitheater-style seating. Acentech recommended room acoustics treatments for the various spaces to control reverberation, to control activity sound, and to create favorable listening conditions for each space. We also worked with the design team to meet the sound isolation needs between closed and open spaces and recommended sound masking systems to increase speech privacy.

Acentech developed 3DListening® experiences to enable key decision-makers to take an active role in the acoustical design process. This predictive listening model allowed designers and end-users to hear how changes in acoustic treatments could positively impact the work experience in the open-concept call center. Our work allows employees to remain focused and productive on the tasks at hand ensuring that the Next Generation Reception Center will continue to serve clients for years to come.

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