Acentech provides vibration consulting to assist in the design and analysis of buildings and facilities that accommodate vibration-sensitive equipment or occupants, such as hospitals, laboratories, and medical imaging facilities. Our vibration consultants work with equipment and structures that require very low levels of vibration to function. Acentech’s state-of-the-art instrumentation and signal processing capabilities assure thorough evaluation of vibration problems and provide a comprehensive characterization of indoor and outdoor environments.

Acentech’s vibration and structural dynamics expertise has been applied to hundreds of microelectronics, biomedical, optical facilities, and specialized installations. Our clients have included major universities, corporations, architects, construction companies, and government agencies like NASA, MagLab and NIST. Client projects have included:

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Vibration control for a new research and clinical facility, with vibration sensitive equipment throughout the building
  • NIH National Neuroscience Research Center: Structural dynamics analysis of the building floor structure and measurements of the ambient vibrations at the site
  • Old Dominion University: Vibration control for a new research building to ensure that sensitive laboratories and a vibration-generating dynamic simulation facility could coexist.

Our vibration consulting services include:

  • Vibration analysis and design
  • Vibration testing
  • Design and acceptance criteria
  • Surveys and specialized measurements
  • Mitigation analysis and design
  • Building vibration control
  • Diagnostics and problem resolution
  • Structure-borne vibration analysis
  • Vibration transmission path modeling
  • Vibration control and isolator design
  • Structural motions — equipment, human activities
  • Machinery vibration diagnostics

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