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Eric E. Ungar

EngScD, PE

Chief Engineering Scientist Emeritus

Eric Ungar Headshot
“I consider each project a learning opportunity and take pride in bringing my technical insight and analytical capability to bear on client problems. I have enjoyed the considerable amount of teaching and writing I’ve been able to do in this profession.”

Since 1958 Eric Ungar has worked in the areas of vibration and noise, structure-borne sound, structural and machinery dynamics, and stress analysis. As Acentech’s chief engineering scientist, many of his recent projects have dealt with the design of facilities and buildings that accommodate extremely vibration-sensitive equipment or that require high resistance to vibration-related damage or malfunction.

He previously taught machinery dynamics and applied mechanics at New York University and engaged in research and consulting in stress and thermal analysis. Earlier he participated in atomic weapons development and delivery concept analysis at Sandia Corporation.

A fellow of several distinguished professional organizations, Eric is considered one of the leading experts in the vibration area. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers awarded him its Gold Medal for Noise Control and Acoustics for “fundamental contributions to noise and vibration control engineering involving structural damping, vibration isolation, vibration of complex structures as applied to aerospace structures, ships, machinery, and buildings.” He has received similar recognition from the Acoustical Society of America and the Institute for Noise Control Engineering, organizations of which he has also served as president. Eric is the author of more than 200 publications, including over a dozen handbook and monograph chapters.

Outside Interests

I adore my family: I have three grandsons (pictured) as well as seven granddaughters. Since giving up my practice of karate, I’ve spent more time studying the philosophy and history of science.


  • Considered one of the leading experts in the vibration area
  • New York University, Doctor of Engineering Science