The years between kindergarten and 8th grade are some of the most vital for a child’s education. As technology becomes more and more of an essential part of the modern world, exposing students to its possibilities in an educational setting is all the more important. As leader in the K-8 independent school community, Derby Academy understands the importance of technology in today’s learning landscape. Their new Innovation Center, created by Olson Lewis + Architects, provides faculty and students a haven for technologically-enhanced learning. Designers selected Acentech to provide acoustics, audiovisual, and telecommunications consulting for this hub of modern education.

The success of Derby’s Innovation Center hinged upon the design of the Project Room, which has OPE computer equipment and state-of-the-art classroom technology capabilities. This dynamic space was purposefully designed to engage students and encourage them to see the world in a new light. Within this lively environment, proper acoustics become all the more essential. Sound isolation, sound absorption, and mechanical system noise and vibration control were carefully incorporated in the design to meet the needs of this sensitive yet dynamic space.

Within this highly flexible space, students have access to life-changing technologies. User-friendly audiovisual system design and robust telecommunications capabilities were a key aspect to the creation of a space that teachers and students can use together. After all, being able to connect to another group of students across the globe means little if faculty cannot easily access the systems, or if the bandwidth cannot support such functions. Acentech’s consultants worked with designers to ensure this space was as engaging as possible.

Thoughtful design is a key aspect to allowing children develop a positive relationship with technology, and working with designers on a space dedicated to this effort was truly rewarding.

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