Tarbut V’Torah (TVT) Community Day School prides itself on being a joyful learning community. In order for that mission to succeed, spaces need to promote learning, creativity, and curiosity. The expansion, led by LPA, builds upon the school’s core principals while also embracing the educational and instructional requirements of today. Acentech provided the entire design team with acoustics and audiovisual consulting for this multi-phase project.

Acentech’s acoustics consultants worked with LPA to design a variety of spaces throughout the school. Acoustical finishes and recommendations varied depending on the intended use of each space. In order for the gymnasium to function as intended and to keep the reverberation time down, acoustical finishes were recommended to cover the entire ceiling and a portion of the walls. A different approach was taken in the control room. Our acoustics consultants worked to isolate the control room from external sources including mechanical systems and to mitigate acoustical reflections.

The AV system is comprised of portable video and audio recording equipment that is typically used in a 1400 square foot sound stage. The audio recording equipment included a digital audio mixer and digital stage box that could be connected to receptacle panels throughout the soundstage. The video and audio recording systems were designed to be portable so that the students could record content at other locations at the school campus to be edited later.

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