Loyola Marymount University was founded in 1911 and has maintained its top ranking in the U.S. for a century. Over time, LMU expanded its campus footprint and student enrollment and needed to grow its residential bed count. LMU hired Steinberg Hart Architects to design two new residence halls that offer the technology, flexibility, privacy, and public amenities that are expected by today’s students. Acentech collaborated with the architect and owner team, providing AV, telecommunications, and security system design.

Palm North, the freshman residence, houses approximately 300 students in 1-2 bedroom units with access to communal amenity spaces including study areas, a technology-enabled ‘media hall,’ shared kitchen, and lounge spaces.

Palm South, a residence for upperclassmen, is of a similar size with shared amenities but offers different options for bedrooms, including 5-bed suites, and co-living ‘pods’ that house approximately 19 students in both single and double bedrooms, and feature a group study space, living room, and kitchen. Both buildings share a large courtyard where students can socialize, relax and enjoy outdoor activities and events.

Acentech designed AV systems and digital signage in the lobbies, study/multi-use spaces, meeting rooms, and movie/e-gaming lounges. Our integrated team collaborated with the designers from early programming and conceptual design through construction. Acentech also designed the telecommunications infrastructure for both buildings, as well as the physical access control and video surveillance systems. The telecommunications system provides a platform for all digital networking needs – for both academic use and entertainment. The security system ensures a high level of safety and security for the resident population.

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