Once home to the largest collective of New England artists over a century ago, Boston’s Fort Point Channel is going through another renaissance.

Now a neighborhood with high-tech office tenants, sumptuous local eateries, and unique residential spaces, this area walks a fine balance between the future of innovation and traditional architectural aesthetics. Finding a way to meet the needs of new residents while preserving the site’s Boston Historic Landmark status can be a challenge. When selected to turn 10 Farnsworth Street, one of the neighborhood’s few remaining empty lots, into a 33,000 SF residential complex, CBT had to design a building that complements its surroundings. The architects looked to Acentech to provide first-class acoustics consulting for this ambitious project.

At 10 Farnsworth, eight loft-style condominiums sit on top of one another, framed by floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking over the bustling streets of Fort Point Channel. When designing this complex, robust sound isolation from the outside world was a priority. Double-glass windows with an air pocket between each pane offer a strong amount of isolation from honking cars, emergency sirens from the firehouse down the street, and nearby rooftop cooling units. Keeping sound from transmitting from one unit to another was also a central focus for meeting strong sound isolation standards. Proper mechanical system design as well as floor and ceiling construction ensured minimal disturbances between abutting neighbors. Acentech’s acousticians worked with the architect to develop these structural and mechanical details to be consistent with the historic aesthetic required for new developments in Fort Point Channel.

With these thoughtful design considerations, the 10 Farnsworth offers an oasis to residents looking for a break from invasive modern city noise. At this site, designers created a brand new facility right at home in Fort Point Channel’s 19th century skyline.

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