Acentech provided architectural acoustics and audiovisual system design for Cornell Law School’s Hughes Hall and Myron Taylor Hall, which contain a 170-seat auditorium and two 78-seat lecture halls.

Acentech worked closely with the design team to incorporate acoustical treatments that embraced the architectural vision of the rooms. Strategic combinations of sound reflective and absorptive treatments were seamlessly distributed on the ceiling and walls, by using acoustical plasters and microperforated wood finishes. Acentech also provided recommendations toward achieving appropriate sound isolation between the lecture halls and the breakout space, and worked with the mechanical engineer to achieve exceptionally low background noise levels in the halls.

Each lecture hall was designed to include three projectors and projection screens as well as two large confidence monitors to allow the presenter to see what is displayed on the screens without having to turn around. The lecture halls were also equipped with sophisticated audio systems, including both microphones on the student desks and suspending from the ceiling, in order to support speech reinforcement and distance learning. Furthermore, videoconference codecs for distance learning and class capture appliances were installed to enable recording and storing classes for later review by students.

The project achieved LEED Platinum certification

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