When renovations in the lobby and basement of Dartmouth College’s historic Baker-Berry library threatened a historic mural, Acentech was hired to provide remote vibration monitoring to ensure that no damage was done to Jose Clemente Orozco’s The Epic of American Civilization.

Acentech’s remote monitoring systems provided museum staff the contractor, and project management with real-time notification and continuous access to critical vibration information. Using an internet connection, monitors could not only be viewed, controlled, and downloaded remotely, but could send email and text alarm messages if pre-set limits were exceeded. For this project, Acentech placed monitors along the north and south walls of the Orozco room, which allowed our consultants and the team at Dartmouth to monitor the construction vibration to the mural.

Four months after the project was completed, the 3,200 SF Orozco Mural at Dartmouth College was named a national historic landmark.

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