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Remote Monitoring IconRemote Monitoring of Noise & Vibration

Acentech’s noise and vibration remote monitoring systems stream real-time data and alerts to mitigate adverse effects of nearby construction.

Vibration and noise are unavoidable by-products of construction and many other operations, which can, unfortunately, have adverse effects on nearby facilities, particularly if those facilities house sensitive activities or equipment.

Acentech’s real-time monitoring systems help contractors, project managers and other stakeholders deal with the effects of noise and vibration. Our proprietary solution streams live data over the internet to help project staff “keep tabs” on the noise and vibration in order to mitigate risk. However, unlike traditional vibration monitors that are employed to monitor for potential building damage, our custom systems have been developed to measure extremely low levels of vibration – levels that can potentially affect sensitive activities and equipment, such as:

  • Laboratory instrumentation (NMR, electron microscopes, etc.)
  • Imaging processes (MRI, CT, etc.)
  • Precious artwork and collections
  • Quality and accuracy of sensitive research
  • Semiconductor production
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Sensitive computing equipment
  • Low noise environments for performance or recording

Our monitoring systems can be operated completely remotely over the internet, and are typically deployed right at the areas of concern. The systems stream real-time vibration and noise data to a secure website that provides owners, facility managers, researchers, construction personnel, and other stakeholders with immediate feedback that can be used proactively. Our monitoring equipment can also automatically generate e-mail and text message notifications when measured vibration or noise exceeds, or even approaches, predetermined limits.

This approach enables clients to:

  • Be the first to know if something happened
  • Anticipate problems in critical situations
  • Implement mitigating actions
  • Schedule operations
  • Document potential and problematic events

Acentech will work with you to determine the best location(s) and alarm thresholds for your project, as well as provide guidance on how to handle excessive vibration or noise events if they occur.

Our clients have said “Acentech’s real time monitoring systems provide peace of mind. When I am not receiving alarms I know everything is okay.”


  • Customizable frequency bands and ranges
  • Completely configurable
  • Determination of peak, average and statistical values
  • Web access to real-time and recent data
  • Event-triggered audio recordings, available on the monitoring website
  • Advanced trigger and alarm functions based on any criteria
  • Real-time notifications by e-mail or text messaging
  • Remote data observation, system control and analysis
  • Indoor or outdoor, and compatible with sterile environments
  • Ultrasound capability