After celebrating its 75th anniversary, the Norton Museum of Art announced its plans work with architects at Foster + Partners and CBT to renovate and expand its facilities to offer a multifaceted experience for its visitors. Acentech was then selected by the design team to provide acoustics, audiovisual, and vibration consulting for the project.

Within this newly imagined space, designers looked to engage patrons of different tastes and viewpoints. Sitting on 6.8 acres of lush, subtropical greenery, the Norton Museum of Art expansion blends the lines between the great outdoors and interior gallery space by offering lawn-side film screenings, access to natural light in virtually every exhibition space, and a re-designed front lobby.

Acentech’s team of acousticians and audiovisual system designers provided expert guidance on creating the best sensory experience possible within this redesigned museum. Sound and sight are key aspects to visitors’ abilities to connect with pieces showcased in the galleries. Reverberation mitigation, mechanical system noise and vibration control, and sound isolation from outdoor noise allow interior and exterior spaces co-exist in harmony. Sound system design for live performances and lectures helps the museum further enhance its cultural contributions to the West Palm Beach community.

The Norton Museum of Art also engaged Acentech to provide remote vibration monitoring throughout the construction process. The ability to sense vibration issues and notify museum staff in real-time ensured the integrity of its art collections while undergoing this major expansion.

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