Acentech’s Noise & Vibration group is providing ongoing technical support to the Vermont Department of Public Services in the evaluation of community sound associated with three major operating wind projects in the state.

Our assignments to date have included: developing and conducting a one-year continuous sound monitoring program at a community residence within direct line-of-sight of a ridge top wind turbine array; performing a peer review of sound analyses submitted by two opposing parties; conducting independent field measurements on a second wind project; and reviewing and commenting on the equipment noise issues for a third wind project.

In addition to collecting standard audible sound data, we have reported low frequency sound, infrasound sound, and local weather data that were measured at the residence and at an adjacent shielded location; plus electrical output and wind data measured at each turbine. These long-term data allow for correlating the community sound levels with a substantial range of turbine and meteorological conditions.

Acentech will continue to update our studies as each the project design evolves.

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