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Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

Today is International Women’s Day 2019, and we are taking a moment to join the global celebration of female empowerment, encouragement, and acknowledgment.

Here at Acentech, we are honored to work with some amazing women across all areas of our company. We asked our fearless females about their career highlights and biggest inspirations, turning the spotlight on them and showcasing their incredible insights.

Gladys Unger | Senior Consultant
“I have always loved working with my hands; remodeling my Victorian house, or fixing my appliances. These skills translate directly in my work on product noise. The detective work that comes with finding an unwanted noise source requires tearing apart the device, whether a washing machine, compressor or medical device.”

Ioana Pieleanu | Principal Consultant
“Very early in my career, I provided acoustical design consulting for ZUMIX, a nonprofit after school music center serving a low-income, under-served Boston neighborhood. In exchange for that acoustical design, I received a most important life lesson about love, perseverance and living life with purpose.”

Kelsey Hochgraf | Senior Consultant
“A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to work with music and theater faculty at Beaver Country Day School to assess the acoustical conditions of their multipurpose performance hall. While we work on projects of this nature often, this one was unique because we had the opportunity to develop a 3DListening demonstration as a way of assessing multiple options for improvement. Through discussion with faculty, recordings of student ensembles, acoustical measurements of the room, and computer simulations, we developed an interactive demonstration of what the room could sound like under a wide variety of modifications. This allowed the school to decide what would be best for their teachers, students, and audience, based on their own aural experience in our 3DListening studio. It is on projects like these that I’m inspired by the opportunity to develop and use innovative technology to help craft spaces where students can explore artistic expression and communication to their fullest potential.”

Kristen Murphy | Senior Consultant
“I am most inspired when I appreciate all of the interconnecting hard work my foremothers have contributed so that I could pursue the life I wanted, and how I can continue that work for future generations of young women.”

Liz Lamour Croteau | Consultant
“I’m extremely grateful and proud that I have the opportunity to teach acoustics at Berklee College of Music. Teaching has given me an outlet for self-improvement in public speaking and a growing breadth of knowledge on acoustics and audio. Teaching also allows me to gain a different perspective on my design work that I otherwise wouldn’t have, helping me to put together the best system design available for each project.”

Mariana Botero | Senior CAD Designer/Modeling Specialist
“I’m inspired everyday knowing that I am affecting the experiences people have when they inhabit a space. Knowing that my work will affect people’s lives, even if they are not fully aware of it, motivates me to produce only my best work. I moved to the U.S. as an international student, so my encouragement to succeed also stems from my responsibility to represent Colombian women around the world.”

Mery Meas | Project Accountant
“I was always good with numbers and I strive to be a perfectionist at what I’m good at. If somehow my skills can help people advance society towards a greater cause, then that’s inspiring to me.”

Nicole Cuff | Senior Consultant
“I am inspired by people who pursue their dreams!”

Sadie Maney |  Business Development & Marketing Specialist
“I’m inspired by the opportunity to create change. The chance to contribute to empowering young girls and creating equality in the home and the workplace. Above all else, I’m motivated by the ability to set an example for young girls everywhere, especially my daughter.”

Sandy Kane | Marketing Manager
“I’ve been continuously inspired by the smart, multi-talented people I have met during nearly 30 years in this industry. My colleagues encouraged me to push the envelope creatively, which helped us to win an SMPS People’s Choice Award for Pebble and Acorn, a coloring book I designed to inspire kids to want to learn about sound.”

Sarah McGillicuddy | Director of Marketing & Business Development
“I love working within the field of design and construction as it is full of creative problem solvers always seeking to push the envelope – my colleagues and peers inspire me daily. I value the flexibility provided by Acentech that enables me to pursue a career that is fulfilling while also be an active and engaged parent to my two young children. Working with the amazing, brilliant women and men at Acentech is a highlight of my career. But, in particular the women within the Marketing & BD Department who inspire and make me laugh on a daily basis! I am proud to be a founding member of PWC Boston where our mission is to support, advance, and connect women and promote diversity within the AEC industry.”

Sasha Rozynova | Consultant
“As an immigrant, I feel privileged to have be able to pursue my passion and earn a Master of Science in Architectural Acoustics from RPI. I am honored to work in an industry, and specifically in a company, where people from diverse backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated.”

Viviane Benchaya | Administrative Assistant
“My desire to meet people from all walks of life and to discover different cultures motivated me to move to Boston from Brussels, right after I graduated from college. At Acentech it is wonderful to have a group of female colleagues who are always very kind to share their knowledge and advice, not only on a professional level but on a personal level as well.”

As an uber technical firm, Acentech is proud of the diversity of its staff, in particular its gender diversity – with over 25% of our employees being female. We continue to try and do our best to empower, encourage, and acknowledge our female employees. We understand that gender equality is a continuous endeavor and we look forward to the progress that will be made.

Happy International Women’s Day from Acentech!

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