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Mariana Botero

Affiliated Consultant

Mariana Botero Headshot
"I first heard about Acentech when starting a sound engineering program in college and knew it was the place for me! After that, it was all about keeping myself motivated."

Residing in Colombia, Mariana is an Affiliated Consultant working with Acentech’s Architectural Acoustics Group. Mariana assists with modeling for 3DL ®/auralizations, and consults on architectural acoustics and noise control projects. She received a Master of Interior Architecture degree from Boston Architectural College. Mariana received her Bachelor of Science degree in Sound Engineering from the University of San Buenaventura in Bogotá, Colombia.

Time is a Great Architect

“The thing about time being gold is a big stupidity. Time is life. I am interested in living it.” ~ architect Rogelio Salmona

I am amazed at the huge difference that can be made by thoughtfully-designed spaces, especially if the design (which may be invisible at first glance) has an impact on acoustics and sound.

When not at work, I enjoy scuba diving and photographing cities at night. My biggest pet peeve? Walking barefoot on a dusty floor!


  • Boston Architectural College, Master of Interior Architecture, 2018
  • University of San Buenaventura, Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering, 2014
  • Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Chair, Spanish Speaking Acousticians, 2022-present