Although East Boston is typically known as the home of Logan International Airport, it is  also one of the city’s fastest growing neighborhoods for young families. With this steady swell in population over the years, the area knew it needed upgrades to its public facilities, particularly the library. Together with the architects at William Rawn Associates, Acentech provided architectural acoustics and mechanical system noise control consulting for this award-winning refurbishment.

When designing spaces for a library from scratch or in an existing structure, the finished product must serve the needs of the community it was built for. For instance, a reading room for students studying for a neuropsych final is different compared to one for bubbly toddlers at a preschool. Since East Boston is home to many families with young children, creating an inviting space for kids while maintaining a sense of quiet for other visitors was a priority. This branch’s children’s section is the first — and only — one  to include a space dedicated to early literacy in the entire Boston Public Library System.

Acentech’s acoustical experts have extensive experience assisting clients in the creation of libraries that keep form and function in an exact balance. The resulting East Boston Public Library is not only breathtaking but also a workable, livable space for each of this neighborhood’s citizens.

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