The 40,000 SF Boyden Library at Deerfield Academy received a complete renovation to create a new Academic Hub, incorporating innovation spaces for technology, group study areas, and maker spaces, as well as traditional areas for reading and quiet study. Acentech assisted the design team with sound isolation, room acoustics, and mechanical system noise and vibration control for this multi-use space.

Most of the renovated spaces within the library include acoustical ceiling treatment, which Acentech’s consultants worked to integrate into the architectural design. Different shaped acoustical ceiling tiles, as well as acoustical spray treatments were applied to create acoustically comfortable spaces by controlling reverberation and limiting the propagation of activity sounds throughout open spaces.

For the group study spaces, offices, and study carrels, Acentech recommended wall constructions that would ensure that the spaces would be sufficiently isolated from the rest of the library space. Wall constructions and door gaskets were specifically chosen for their acoustical properties.

Background noise levels are always a concern in library spaces. To control the noise from the HVAC system, Acentech worked with the project engineer to specify the noise control devices for the facility, selected attenuation treatments for fans and terminal boxes, and recommended vibration isolation equipment to address control of structureborne noise and perceptible vibration from the mechanical systems in the building.

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