The Pennsylvania Convention Center spans 20 acres of central Philadelphia real estate, making it the largest single public works project in Pennsylvania history. Acentech served as technology and acoustics consultants for the 375,000 SF addition to the existing 650,000 SF space.

Acentech’s IT design included in a robust data network which is modular and scalable to allow speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second to any location in the convention center. Next-generation switches and routers can accommodate anticipated increases in high-speed multimedia and video applications. The sophisticated network transports voice, data, Internet, multimedia, streaming video, audiovisual, digital signage and security traffic throughout the expansion and interconnects with the existing convention center.

Acentech’s audiovisual consultants designed a highly flexible multimedia distribution system that includes a network-based digital audio system for speech reinforcement, program audio playback, and centralized recording for 23 new meeting rooms, the Terrace Ballroom and pre-existing exhibit halls. The audio network interfaces with the main building’s analog audio system, supports general purpose paging, and interfaces with the convention center’s fire alarm and mass notification system. A fiber optic cabling and matrix switcher supports the distribution of high quality video throughout the meeting and recording rooms. A companion digital signage system includes a display matrix in the expansion atrium, as well as multiple way-finding displays on the concourses and event-specific displays at the entrances to each respective space.

In the ballroom, we worked closely with the architect to design suitable ceiling, floor, and wall treatments. Acentech made sure the acoustical quality within this space complemented its grand aesthetic tone.

Acentech’s acousticians provided recommendations for the ceiling, wall and floor finishes and calculated appropriate background sound levels for rooms based on their proposed uses. We included guidance on suitable permanent and operable wall systems. Finally, Acentech analyzed the building structure and provided recommendations to minimize footfall-induced vibration in the more sensitive expansion spaces.

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