It was a bold move.

Shifting from a quiet space nestled in the heart of Connecticut to the vibrant, chaotic world of Boston’s Seaport District would be quite the change for anyone, let alone a world leader in innovation. General Electric’s new headquarters relocation speaks volumes to the changing world of engineering, commerce, and the city of Boston itself. With sustainability and experience in mind, GE looked to Gensler to assist in the re-imagining of the company’s epicenter of research and business proceedings. Acentech was selected by the architect to provide acoustics consulting for the resulting $100 million, 2.4 acre campus.

The skeleton of this project involves three key structural considerations: the renovation of two existing historic warehouses, a 12-story new build, and a 1.5 acre public outdoor space. Acentech’s acoustics consultants are working with Gensler to ensure these areas exist in harmony with one another. The acoustical design is tailored to provide speech privacy for individual working areas, as well as high speech intelligibility in meeting spaces, and acoustical comfort throughout the buildings. By creating a GE campus that all can share, and enjoy, this global giant in technology will be one of the first of its kind to extend its physical places of work as a positive contribution to the surrounding community.

As General Electric works to develop a future focused the melding between sustainability and cutting edge technology, Acentech is proud to assist designers with this first big step toward this goal.

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