Acentech is pleased to be involved in the restoration and modernization of the University of the Virgin Islands Reichhold Center for the Arts, damaged by hurricanes several years ago. After guiding the team to an acoustically favorable roof assembly, we were invited to assemble a team to address the comprehensive technical design of the Center. The Acentech design team includes acoustics, audiovisual system, telecommunications, and electronic security. Our team also benefits from trusted colleagues providing theatre planning (NextStage Design) and architectural design consulting (Paul Lukez Architecture).

Through a series of site visits and discussions with university leadership, faculty, and venue staff, we determined the needs of the venue users and the wide range of performers, who include symphony orchestras, gospel choirs, steel drum ensembles, ballet, jazz, and a wide range of popular music from around the world. To support this program, we designed a new array of acoustic reflector panels to distribute sound evenly throughout the covered audience area, and provided recommendations for stage furniture and surface finishes.

The production rigging and lighting system will be modernized, improved for safety and flexibility, and equipped with energy-efficient LED technology. Our AV consultants designed touring-class sound systems and mixing consoles, immersive audio and video presentation equipment, production communications, digital signage, ADA-compliant assistive listening systems, and integrated AV controls. The telecommunications system will include a new 10Gb fiber backbone connected to the main campus. This system will be a flexible, hi-speed Category 6A structured cabling system connected to traditional computers, VOIP locations, wireless network as well as the theater’s lighting control system. The security system includes video surveillance and access control devices connected to the main campus that will watch and control select areas and passages to promote safety and security.

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